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Maximizing Manufacturing Efficiency with IFS Connected Factory and Crosser

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the integration of cutting-edge technology is essential to maximize manufacturing efficiency. Crosser and IFS are optimizing the way factories operate today.

At the heart of this partnership lies IFS Connected Factory, a solution designed to seamlessly integrate factory floor operations with advanced edge analytics capabilities. This innovative platform empowers manufacturers to optimize their processes, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity.

Crosser’s expertise

Crosser serves as the intelligent OT integration platform within IFS Connected Factory, providing the essential bridge between the physical and digital realms of manufacturing. With Crosser's expertise, manufacturers can unlock the full potential of their IoT data and drive actionable insights in real time.

Main Benefits

The combined solutions extend the functionality of IFS Cloud from the machines to the cloud and back, offering customers a comprehensive solution for their manufacturing needs. Bjorn Bondeson, IFS SAE Nordics, describes Crosser as the "Data Pump" for IFS Connected Factory, emphasizing its crucial role in integrating industrial data into IFS Cloud seamlessly.

Crosser's integration with IFS Connected Factory facilitates seamless data flow between the factory floor and cloud-based systems. This real-time synchronization ensures that manufacturers have access to up-to-date insights, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly.

With Crosser’s advanced edge analytics capabilities, manufacturers can harness the power of data at the source of production. This empowers them to identify trends, predict maintenance issues, and optimize processes proactively, all within the confines of their factory floor.

Customer Benefits

Customers stand to benefit significantly from the partnership between Crosser and IFS. Mikael Hultin, IFS Business Solution Consultant, highlights how Crosser mitigates risks and accelerates IFS Cloud and Connected Factory projects, ultimately saving time and costs for clients. By leveraging this partnership, manufacturers can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Some of the most common technical and business benefits with the combined solutions are:

  • Significant cloud, analytics and network connectivity cost savings

  • Ability to collect data from more data points to increase innovation possibilities

  • Pre-process and Transform raw data to insights in real-time

  • Run local triggers and automations between machines without cloud connectivity

In conclusion, the partnership between Crosser and IFS marks a significant milestone in the journey towards smart manufacturing. By combining their expertise, they offer a comprehensive solution that empowers factories to thrive in the digital age. As manufacturing continues to evolve, embracing technologies like Crosser and IFS Connected Factory will be essential to drive innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

To learn more about how Crosser and IFS can revolutionize your manufacturing operations, download our joint reference architecture today.

About the author

Johan Jonzon | CMO

CMO & Co-founder

Johan has 15 years background working with marketing in all possible type of projects. A true entrepreneurial spirit operating between strategic and hands-on details. He leads our marketing efforts as well as the product UI design.

Sales and market-oriented with a focus on getting the job done. He has worked with web and communication in Sweden and internationally since 1999. Since 2012, Johan has been focusing on real-time communication, and the business and operational benefits that comes with analyzing streaming data close to the data sources.

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