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About us

Pioneers in Real-time Technologies

Enabling Intelligent Pipelines & Automations for Data Integration and Industrial IoT use cases.

What We Do

Powering Event-driven Organizations

Crosser designs and develops a hybrid-first and All-in-One Stream Analytics & Integration software for any Cloud, on-premise or Edge. The Crosser Platform enables real-time processing of streaming, event-driven or batch data for Intelligent Pipelines & Automations and for Industrial IoT. All managed from a single Control Center and powered by a low-code and low-effort experience.

The platform is ideally suited for businesses in various industries with ambitions for event-driven experiences for their data movement, integrations or automations.

Fighting Complexity with Simplicity

Our Vision and Business Idea

At Crosser, our vision is a connected, sensor-rich world where all data is integrated in real time which will lead to faster digital transformation, increased business value, enhanced quality of lives for everyone, a lower carbon footprint and a more secure world.

Our business idea is to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation and Industrial IoT by enabling streaming analytics for any Edge, on-premise or Cloud and real-time Enterprise Integration & Automation with easy-to-use and smart software solutions.

Our Story

Back in 2009, our co-founder Uffe Bjorklund, as one of the true pioneers in this field, started a hobby project to build solutions for real-time data communications. The hobby project emerged into a side project when he released a free version of his real-time communication engine to the developer community under the name XSockets. It got over 60.000 downloads in a short period of time, Uffe received requests for a commercially supported version which led to the next step with customers around the world using the real-time engine for all kinds of development projects. 

In early 2016, Uffe met with Johan Jonzon, a marketing specialist and Martin Thunman, an experienced tech entrepreneur. Together they realized that the upcoming explosion of connected systems & assets would create challenges that would require a high performing, modular and intelligent stream analytics engine.

Crosser was born and the team set out to build the most user-friendly and smart solution for Stream Analytics & Integration. The main objective was to lower the barriers and to deliver an All-in-One Platform with an Effortless experience, unlike more complicated solutions in the market.

The initial market focus was towards Edge Stream Analytics & Integration for Industrial IoT projects which involves large volumes of streaming IoT data and a challenging mix of legacy and modern technologies and data sources.

After the early success in industrial segments the platform has evolved and is now applicable for any Stream Analytics & Integration use cases, independent of industry vertical. 

The team is located in Stockholm and Sundsvall in Sweden and Munich in Germany.

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Our Brand Story

Simplifying the Data Crossroad

The hyper-automated enterprises of tomorrow will integrate all their data in real-time from Cloud Providers, SaaS applications, Enterprise systems and IoT data from machines & assets. And People. 

Our technology enables event driven and real-time Stream Analytics and Intelligent Pipelines & Automations in the crossroad of all these data types. Deployed anywhere.