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One Control Layer. For Everything.

70-90% of the Total Cost of Ownership of software life-cycle is typically related to hidden manual tasks. The Crosser Control Center is designed to reduce this effort as much as possible.

The Flow Studio, our low-code design tool, is the heart of the Crosser Control Center but the platform is packed with other smart features for automatic provisioning, deployment, version control, mass-configuration changes and software updates. 

Our aim is to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The key is to create a unique low-effort experience for all the tasks during the life-cycle. We believe we have succeeded and our customers seem to agree.

But don't take our word for it.  Read what our customers says.

Crosser Flow Studio

Low Code Simplicity with the Flow Studio

A library of building blocks called Modules and a graphical drag-and-drop user interface to build your stream analytics and integration pipelines. It doesn't get easier.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 1

Select your modules.
Connect and Configure in Minutes.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 2

Test the Flow. Use the Sandbox.
Or use real data from your designated node.

Deploy to designated Node.
Run the Flow - Done!

Explore the Crosser Flow Studio →

Data Observability for your Data and Data Flows

Monitor, Validate and Control your Data and Data Integration Flows

With Crosser FlowWatch you are on-top of all your streaming, batch and API Data Flows. Wherever they run.

  • Flow Monitoring & Alerts
  • Data Freshness Monitoring
  • Data Validation
  • Streaming Data Validation
  • Data Volume Validation
  • AI/ML model Monitoring

Read More about the Crosser FlowWatch Features→

Hybrid deployment

Provisioning & Security

Secure download and deployment of the Crosser Nodes.

  • Crosser Nodes are deployed on your infrastructure using Docker containers or as a Windows service
  • One-command Docker image provisioning
  • Certificate Key management for secure control of Crosser Nodes registration
  • Organize and group Crosser Nodes with Labels
  • All traffic between a Node and Crosser Control Cloud is initiated by the Crosser Node for easy traversal of firewalls

Smart Flow Deployment

Smart remote testing and automated roll-out of Flows to Edge Nodes. In mass.

Crosser Flow Design and Deployment Process Steps

Crosser Control Cloud Live Test View

Live Test View

Debug and test your Flow on remote Live Nodes before deployment.

Crosser Control Cloud Flow Management

Flow Management

Organize Flows in any hierarchy you want.

Crosser Control Cloud Dynamic Deployment

Dynamic Module Deployment

Automatically load only the modules used in a Flow.

Crosser Control Cloud Flow Categories


Group and deploy Flows with Categories to an unlimited number of Nodes in one operation.

Crosser Control Cloud One Operation Roll Out

One-operation roll-out

One-operation roll-out of new Flow versions - to all Crosser Nodes.

Crosser Control Center Flow Version

Flow version control

A deployed Flow can't be changed. A new version is required.

Edge MLOps made Easy

Bring, Manage and deploy your own ML models with Crosser Edge MLOps functionality.

  • The Crosser Node is open to run any ML framework
  • Central Resource Library for your trained models in Crosser Control Center
  • Drag-and-drop for all other steps in the data pipeline
  • One operation to deploy ML models to any number of Crosser Nodes

Software updates & Node Monitoring

Making software updates and Crosser Node control easy and automated.

  • OTA (over-the-air) Software updates
  • Node monitoring through keep-alive signaling from Nodes
  • Data & system usage & statistics 
  • Node statistics & usage Dashboard
  • User administration

Other Features to Love

We have pledged to simplify and to remove repetitive and time consuming tasks. Here are a few other time saving features.

Crosser Tag Management

Sensor Tag Management

Simplifies the selection and ongoing management of high volume of sensor tags.

Crosser Credentials Catalogue

Credentials Catalog

Enter your Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise system Credential once and reuse them for new flows.

Crosser Resource Catalouge

Resource Catalog

Create resources like Tag Lists, ML models, Python/C# scripts and Data Mapping Templates and reuse them in your Flows.

Crosser for Custom Modules

Custom Module Management

Build and deploy your own custom modules. Reuse them in multiple Flows.