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Crosser White Label & Embedded

Your Brand. Your Colors. Your use cases.

Do you have an inhouse developed system or are you a vendor of a SaaS application or an enterprise system like ERP, CRM, MES, APM, FSM, SCM, or any other abbreviation?

Complement your solution with the most modern and easy-to-use solution for intelligent stream analytics and integration. Deliver advanced integration capabilities to your customers, powered by Crosser.

  • Connect to anything. +800 verified integrations for IoT, Databases, Files, Enterprise Systems, SaaS Apps, Cloud Services and Storage.
  • Edge. On-Premises. Cloud. Process data anywhere.
  • Your Custom Modules. Build and offer custom modules, developed by you.
  • Your use cases. Pre-build and offer templates for common use cases and integrations to simplify for your customers.
  • Your Brand. Your colors. Customize the look and feel of Crosser with your identity.

Everything in one platform

One platform that can help your customers to integrate data, process and analyze data and build intelligent automation workflows.

  • Edge Analytics
  • Stream & Event Processing
  • Reverse ETL
  • iPaaS
  • Automation Workflows

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Help your customers to connect to anything

With native modules and the Crosser Connect Tools you can connect to pretty much any on-premise or SaaS application. 

We have verified that we can integrate to +800 systems but have so far not failed to integrate to any application in one way or another. Contact us if you have any specific questions. 

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Low Code and Low Effort. It doesn't get easier.

Build integration pipelines and automations with low effort and faster than you can imagine. 

  • Low Code. The Flow Studio lets you build integration and automation pipelines faster with pre-built modules and drag-n-drop.
  • Your Code. Add your own Python, C# or Javascript code to add your own flavour.
  • Workflow Automation. Triggers, Condition Logic and Actions.
  • FlowApp templates. Templates get you going in no time.
  • Community with free on-line training and certifications. All the knowledge you need to succeed.

An All-in-One Platform

Streams, Batch, Files, Apps, API’s and CDC Data

Connect to any type of data, transform it, apply advanced logic and deliver ready-to-use data or triggers to any destination.