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Why Crosser

Fight Complexity with Simplicity

Self-service Innovation in One Powerful Platform

Leading Low Code Platform

A Powerful All-in-One Platform

Crosser is the only platform that brings together a number of core technical capabilities needed for the modern data engineering stack. 

  • Event-processing
  • Stream analytics
  • Reverse ETL
  • iPaaS
  • Workflow Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Logic
  • Change Data Capture (CDC)

With Crosser you have ONE platform that can deliver on all your real-time needs.

Fanatical about Simplicity and Low Effort

We work relentlessly to deliver Simplicity and the lowest effort it takes for teams to work with all aspects of the life-cycle of data pipelines, or Flows as we call them.

  • Designing new Flows
  • Testing of Flows
  • Deploying Flows
  • Monitoring Flows
  • Mass updating of Flows

Our Goal - Lowest Cost

Our aim is to enable the lowest cost across all relevant aspects of your data engineering stack. 

  • Total Cost of ownership. The lowest effort equals lowest cost to build, deploy and manage pipelines over the life-cycle.
  • Lowest Cloud bill. Data reduction, bypassing expensive cloud services and replacing complicated cloud services for integration, ETL and stream analytics.
  • Lowest infrastructure cost. Low footprint and high performance gives the lowest infrastructure cost.
  • Most affordable software. Our goal is to provide the best price/performance of comparable solutions. 

Crosser Solution

Hybrid-First in a Cloud-First Industry

In contrast to most others we have built a platform that is truly hybrid-first. It works just as smooth in the Cloud, on-premises and on the edge. We believe in the power of the cloud but also know that there are good reasons to process data outside the cloud, sometimes. Some of those reasons are: 

  • Cloud Cost. Cloud simply becomes too expensive for some compute and storage.
  • Cloud simplification. Bypassing cloud services from the edge sometimes makes sense.
  • Latency. When faster response times are needed.
  • Security. Sometimes you don't want to send data to the cloud.
  • Networking. When bandwidth is scarce or expensive.

Crosser Low Code SImplicity

Why OT, IT and Cloud Developers Love Crosser

Innovate Faster

Easy-to-use drag and drop in combination with a rich library of pre-built modules makes innovation ultra-fast, no matter what your use-case is.

Start Small. Go Big

Start with one simple use case and grow over time. With a pay-as-you-go model you can start small and add more Flows as you scale.

Multi-cloud. One solution for all clouds.

One easy-to-use solution for integration, ETL and stream analytics across all clouds speeds up your development and reduces your cloud development costs.

Clickers vs Coders

Empower more people to innovate

There are currently over 800,000 job openings worldwide for Software Engineers according to LinkedIn data and companies are investing more in digitalization than ever. But the skills shortage covers most areas and few believe the situation will improve. The opposite is a more likely scenario. It will get harder to find and keep talent.

We want to accelerate innovation by lowering the bar and move the innovation power from the Coders to the Clickers, people without coding skills.

The Crosser Platform is a low code platform designed for collaboration and usage by any team: Data Engineers, Data Analysts,  Data Scientists, IT staff, Automation Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Developers, Product Specialists, Maintenance Personnel and more.

Low Code Innovation

Turbo-charging the Coders

Software Engineers/Developers spend a lot of time re-inventing the wheel. By providing a full library of pre-built modules developers that use the Crosser Platform can accelerate their output and focus on the unique, value adding tasks. 

Or as one of our users put it: 

Crosser has pre-built modules for all the time-consuming, repetitive and boring tasks which allows me to focus on the (fun) parts where I can add high value to our stakeholders.