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Crosser CEO Insights

2024: Top 5 things to watch for Data Driven Enterprises

2023 was a really strong year for Crosser and I want to thank you for taking part in our journey.  Let me share with you some highlights:

  • We ended 2023 with a record number of customers.
  • Our existing customers have been expanding the usage across the globe more than any other year.
  • Customer review ratings have been amazing with an average rating for our support of 5.0 which make me extremely proud of our team.
  • Our great reselling partners have been accelerating our success by coming to us with very exciting projects which we jointly converted into happy customers. 
  • We announced new partnerships with leaders like Nokia, Snowflake and Databricks.
  • Over 1,000 people signed up for our webinars and training sessions, learning about the advantages of a low-code intelligent edge platform for industrial digitalisation and hybrid integration. 
  • The platform evolved to include more capabilities for real-time iPaaS. Enterprise integration and workflow automation. 
For 2024 we expect a number of technological and use case trends to gain strong momentum. Here are 5 key topics we believe will have a positive development during next year.

1. Data Observability will become a hot topic.

It started to become a topic during 2023 but we believe it will become mainstream during the next year. What does it really mean?

Data Observability: 
- Monitors data health
- Boosts Data Reliability
- Provides Early Detection of Issues
- Prevents data downtime

The integration layer is uniquely well positioned to play an important role here and I'm happy to share that Crosser has a long list of very exciting capabilities coming out over the next 12 months in this area. Stay tuned!

2. Energy, CO2 and ESG will accelerate adoption of digital technologies.

Many of our customers use Crosser to enable data driven energy and fuel monitoring and optimization but also to negotiate better deals with the local energy provider by automatic energy forecasting and matching against hourly tariffs or by dynamic rescheduling of production runs to match energy pricing in order to reduce energy cost. 

As CO2 and ESG reporting requirements become more demanding, customers will move to a data driven approach which will create more accurate reporting, better insights and lower audit costs.

3. Realization that solving use cases are holding companies back.

This might sound strange so let me elaborate. Companies are starting to realize that solving one use case at the time puts them at a disadvantage and they end up with an impossible system landscape with huge complexity. When we ask what use cases customers expect to address we get an increasing share that state “we are not looking to solve a specific use case but are looking for an intelligent integration layer that can be the foundation for all use cases”. 

We expect this realization will hit more companies during next year.

4. Data driven triggers into the ERP system.

An increasing number of our customers are starting to use Crosser to pre-process data, make advanced calculations and create data driven triggers that feed their ERP system. Either on-premise or in the cloud. 

Given the large investments companies make in their ERP it makes complete sense to leverage the ERP as the back-bone for more digital automations and with solutions like Crosser that can simplify bi-directional real-time automations and workflows we expect this will accelerate. 

5. IT and OT Convergence accelerated by Low Code

The fastest moving companies have an organizational advantage over the slow moving companies. From our point of observation we see that organizations with strong collaborative culture move fast. This is ultimately a management question but it is interesting to observe that a low code, visual development platform, like Crosser, accelerates the collaboration and increases the speed of project success. With more and more companies turning to low code tools to accelerate their productivity we expect to see also a positive effect on the IT/OT convergence.

In conclusion, we are very excited about 2024 and can´t wait to announce more details around what we are working on. Our mantra of “Solving Complexity with Simplicity” lives through everything we do and our aim is to empower our customers and partners to be more successful.

We appreciate your support and are humbled to play a role in the digital journey of so many amazing companies. 

About the author

Martin Thunman | CEO

CEO & Co-founder

Serial-entrepreneur and tech-executive with 20 years track record in IT, Datacom/Networking and Enterprise software.

Co-founded Crosser in 2016 based on the insight that the Cloud wasn't build for many IoT use-cases where Analytics and Actions needs to happen closer to the Things.