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IIoT Edge Analytics

Machine Learning for the Factory Floor

About This Webinar

The use of Machine Learning models within Industrial IoT is one of the major topics for industries today. How to predict and act upon data anomalies on your factory floor and/or remote assets, to optimize processes and increase efficiency.

In this webinar, Dr. Göran Appelquist, industry expert and CTO at Crosser, will introduce you to why running ML modules at the edge and how low-code technology can simplify edge deployment.

During the presentation you will have the opportunity to see how other companies have radically simplified the orchestration of edge deployments at scale by using the Crosser Platform.


  • The Power of Machine Learning and How to create value
  • Main Steps to Get Started with Machine Learning
  • 2 real life use case examples from Crosser Customers
  • Overview of the Crosser low-code Platform