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Crosser Cloud Introduction Videos

Crosser Introduction

Crosser Solution Introduction

Introduction to the Crosser platform

Level: Beginner

Time: 00:18:08

Crosser Introduction

Learn how to build a data flow

Introduction to Crosser Flow Studio - the visual design tool.

Learn how to create and configure a data flow within the flow studio. And how to test the flow in the cloud sandbox environment.

Level: Beginner

Time: 00:21:27

Crosser Introduction

Learn how to install a node

Learn how to configure and install a node.

Level: Beginner

Time: 00:07:43

Crosser Introduction

How to install Crosser Node on Azure IoT Edge

Learn how to install Crosser Node on Azure IoT Edge.

Level: Beginner

Time: 00:11:21

Crosser Webcasts

How to build your own Modules for your IoT Edge Data Flow

Introduction to Crosser SDK and Crosser Universal Connector, the wizard for fast API integration.

Level: Intermediate

Time: 00:33:45

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