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Self Service Simplicity | Flexibility | Enterprise Grade

Pay-as-you-go Pricing Model

Crosser IIoT Edition

Crosser IPA Edition

Starting Package (includes) 1000 Tags 10 Flows
by Tags
by Flows
Build & Integrate Crosser IIoT Edition Crosser IPA Edition
Flow Studio - graphical workflow designer
FlowApps - by Crosser Labs
Step-by-step Testing/debug of Flows
Cloud Sandbox
On-premise Testing/debug
Connectors - For the Shop Floor and the Top Floor
Access to Connector Library
Enterprise Connectors - Output
Cloud & SaaS Applications - Output
Crosser Connect Tools - Output
Industrial Protocols/PLC
Enterprise Connectors - Input
Cloud & SaaS Applications - Input
Crosser Connect Tools - Input
Edge / On-premise connectivity
Analyze & Automate Crosser IIoT Edition Crosser IPA Edition
Data Transformation
Data Cleaning
Enrich Data
Data Harmonization
Intelligent Data Mapping
Conditions, Business Rules & Logic
If-this Condition Filters
Multi-Path Flows
Change Data Capture
Range Filters
Approval Steps
Custom logic and AI/ML
Calculations, Counters & Statistics
Message Counters
Time Counters
Math Expressions
Smooth and Toggle
Triggers, Alerts & Notifications
Event-driven Triggers
Time-based Triggers
Alerts & Notifications
Message Builders
Message Buffers
Develop Crosser IIoT Edition Crosser IPA Edition
Custom Code
Bring your Own AI & ML add-on add-on
Open SDK
Universal Connector
Array Tool Box
Buffer and State
File Tool Box
Communication Patterns
REST Endpoints
Deploy & Manage Crosser IIoT Edition Crosser IPA Edition
Crosser Cloud - SaaS service
Crosser Cloud - On-Premise add-on add-on
Crosser Hosted Flows - SaaS Service
Hybrid Architecture
Crosser Node
Deployment options
Performance & Reliability
No-downtime Flow deployment
Multi-Flow Support
Secure Provisioning of Crosser Nodes
Enterprise Grade Platform Features
Flow Versioning
Advanced Access Rights
OpenID Connect & Active Directory Integration
Credentials Vault
Resource Catalog
Flow Monitoring & Alerts
Edge Director - Wildly Efficient Life-cycle Management
One-click dynamic deployment of Modules & Flow Configurations
Grouping / Labeling of Crosser Nodes
Mass deployment of Flows
Dynamic Parameters
Edge MLOps
Monitoring & Notifications
Flow Management
Support Options Crosser IIoT Edition Crosser IPA Edition
Standard Support
Enterprise Support add-on add-on
White Glove Support add-on add-on


Because there are some alternative pricing models, volume packages and some add-on options we will be able to guide you and make sure you get a price quotation that fits your specific needs.

Yes. You will need to sign a service agreement that outlines your and our rights and obligations.

We bill annually in advance.

We define a tag as: A machine or device data source/sensor producing values of the same type and with the same origin, e.g. temperature, pressure or counts. The number of machine/device sensor tags determines the pricing per Node, per Site or for the Enterprise (all sites) in different Tiers. Different options exist to fit your specific situation.

For non-sensor data we apply a model based on a fee per (active) Flow. This applies to both Crosser IIoT and IPA. It is a deployed and activated Flow. If the same Flow is deployed multiple times, for instance at multiple locations, each Flow is counted. Flows that are not running are not charged. Priced by volume.

No. Unlike some other Automation Workflow systems we do not charge per step in a Flow.

We practice a capacity model where the customer buys the right to process up to a certain number of tags or Flows. It is the responsibility of the customer to report the number of tags & Flows and increase the capacity if needed. The usage is however measured by Crosser for comparison with subscribed capacity.

No. Vision sensors are an exception where we practice custom billing. Contact us for a quotation.

We operate a trust model where customers are responsible to report when they add more data sources and upgrade the subscription. But sometimes it doesn't happen. Technically nothing will happen if you use more capacity than your subscription. We do not suspend services based on usage.

But we will know as each node reports usage statistics back to the Crosser Cloud. If there is an increase we will contact you regarding an upgrade of the subscription but we will not charge overage fees for historic over-usage, unless explicitly agreed in writing.

Increasing the capacity of your deployment can be done any time. Add-on orders will be prorated to the renewal date. So if you order more capacity after 4 months we will invoice you the fee for the remaining 8 months until the contract renewal.

Decreasing the capacity can be done annually in advance of the next annual billing.

No, it doesn’t.

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