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Sign up for a Free Developer Account of the Crosser IPA Edition and get 100 MB of data integration data volume per month.

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With the Crosser IPA Edition you get all the features and capabilities of the platform with one exception.
Connectors to integrate IoT and Machine Data are not included.
If you are looking for the Crosser IIoT Edition please sign up for our Free Trial here

Next Generation Capabilities

Intelligent Processing for your Integration & ETL Pipelines

Unlike traditional ETL/ELT, iPaaS or Event Stream Analytics solutions, Crosser has a unique mix of ease-of-use and capabilities.

Add advanced real-time processing, stream analytics and logic to your integration and ETL pipelines and get ready-to-use data in minutes. Or improve your operational efficiency with smart automations.

  • Connect to +800 data sources with the connector library
    • Streams from IoT, machines, Video/Audio, transactions, logs and Apps.
    • Batch data. Files. API’s 
    • Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Transform data with standard modules or with SQL
  • Process & run analytics with advanced logic with out-of-the box modules.
  • Complement with your own code or ML/AI model.
  • Trigger actions and smart automations
  • Integrate to any destination in the Cloud, on-prem or in the edge.

Event-Driven Integrations from any data source

The modern enterprise is event-driven and real-time enabled. The foundation for this is the ability to connect to any data source and capture and act on changes. New data, updated data or deleted data. We have you covered for all of it. 

  • Report-by-Exception. Only trigger actions on streaming data if the data value changes.
  • Webhooks gives you the ability to connect to SaaS services that push events such as payments, orders or updated records. 
  • Pub/Sub like WebSockets and MQTT let you subscribe to topics important to you. 
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) support in databases lets you keep your data in sync.
  • File Watcher detects changes to files that can trigger events.
  • Anomaly Detection. Apply fixed rules, custom algorithms or ML/AI models on streaming data to detect anomalies on IoT data, Video/Audio, user behaviour or transactions.

What Could You Automate?

Bridge your data silos with real-time Intelligent Pipelines & Automations and turbocharge your digitalization journey.

  • Create an amazing Customer Experience
  • Integrate your marketing & sales tech stack
  • Speed up your Supply Chain
  • Free up Inventory
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Make your legacy environment smart and extend its life length
  • Get an amazing ROI by removing manual steps in your “in-between” processes.

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Low Effort guaranteed

Simplicity powered by Low Code

In a real-time world Flows are a central concept as data is continuously created and streamed.

  • Build advanced Flows with drag-and-drop
  • Use a library of pre-built modules and connectors
  • Save your Flows as FlowApps - templates to reuse
  • Leverage FlowApps built by Crosser to get you started faster
  • Build a Flow from scratch in minutes or re-use existing Flows in seconds

Crosser Flow Studio

1, 2, 3 - Done!

A library of building blocks called Modules and a graphical drag-and-drop user interface to build your stream analytics and integration pipelines. It doesn't get easier.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 1

Select your modules.
Connect and Configure in Minutes.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 2

Test the Flow. Use the Sandbox.
Or use real data from your designated node.

Deploy to designated Node.
Run the Flow - Done!

The Crosser Platform

Low Code = Our Code + Your Code

We don't believe in no-code solutions as it limits the possibilities for customization. Instead Crosser offers a full range of options to add your own value on top of the native modules Crosser provides. 

  • Code Modules. Support for C#, Python and Javascript code that you can mix with the native modules provided by Crosser
  • SQL Modules. Write your own SQL statements, queries and code
  • Bring your own AI. Run any Python ML/AI model in Crosser
  • Open SDK. Build your own custom module
  • Universal Connector. Build connectors for any REST-API using a five-step wizard

Start Innovating Today

Get a Crosser Free Account