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Crosser and TTTech Industrial Team Up to Make Edge Computing Simple

Vienna - Stockholm, January 14, 2021: Two of the leading solutions providers in the industrial IoT space have announced that they are partnering to offer customers a unique edge computing package. From today, Crosser’s edge analytics software will be available pre-installed on Nerve Blue, the edge computing platform from TTTech Industrial. This bundle radically simplifies industrial IoT operations by combining first class software management and powerful streaming analytics with unrivalled ease of use.

Industrial customers are increasingly searching for ways to access valuable data from their machines without having to overhaul running systems. The goal for machine builders and plant operators is to use this wealth of data in real-time to make significant improvements in productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. The Nerve and Crosser bundle provides a comprehensive platform for connecting machines, analyzing data and remotely managing software. Crucially, these features are available via intuitive user interfaces that require no specialist knowledge.

Together, Nerve and Crosser enable industrial users to develop and scale by rolling-out new services to machines and plants around the world with the click of a button. Users benefit from the inherent flexibility and openness of the platforms, which can be connected to any data source, any service, and any cloud. Additionally, customers are given the freedom by Nerve and Crosser to be truly independent, with the ability to choose hardware or applications from their preferred vendor.

“We are proud to cooperate with TTTech Industrial and Nerve. Together, we truly simplify the journey for industries that strive for digital smartness,” says Crosser’s Director of Partnerships and Alliances, Mikael Samuelsson. “Skills gaps and complexity are the most significant barrier for many industrial IoT projects. Our joint offering will simplify every step of that process - from software management to design and deployment of the desired edge processing.”

“We are very pleased to announce this exciting partnership with Crosser,” says Wolfgang Leindecker, Member of the Executive Board at TTTech Industrial. “Combining Crosser and Nerve will provide customers with a comprehensive solution that delivers the very best in industrial edge management and data analytics.”

About TTTech Industrial Automation AG

TTTech Industrial aspires to unlock the incredible potential of industrial automation. It combines transformative technologies with hands-on experience in critical real-time systems to offer customers flexibility, reliability and choice. TTTech Industrial’s product lines Nerve, Slate and Flexibilis are designed to converge and connect automation systems. Nerve is a flexible, open industrial edge computing platform that enables users to access data, manage devices and deploy applications remotely. Slate is a deterministic networking platform that provides a comprehensive OPC UA over TSN solution. Flexibilis is a redundant networking product portfolio that delivers high-availability seamless redundancy for a wide range of industrial applications, most notably in the energy industry.

TTTech Industrial operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in real-time networking and safety controls, with cross-industry experience from more than 20 years of operation.

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CMO & Co-founder

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Sales and market-oriented with a focus on getting the job done. He has worked with web and communication in Sweden and internationally since 1999. Since 2012, Johan has been focusing on real-time communication, and the business and operational benefits that comes with analyzing streaming data close to the data sources.

I want everything we do to be clean, simple and very, very user-friendly. We strive to be the clear leader in usability among our peers.